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About Us

Lizzy's Garden® was inspired by the owners daughter, Elizabeth. As parents, we understand the challenge of managing the little amount of free time we have for preparing food for our little ones. We hope that Lizzy's Garden® can be that delicious, healthy option you choose for your sweetheart, freeing up your time so that you can spend it further nurturing his or her growth. We want to be your kitchen away from home and ensure your little one is receiving 100% organic food that is safe and healthy!

Little Known Fact About The Owner

Jennifer Miles M.B.A. is a mother of three and a wife. Jennifer has an extensive background in healthcare/project management, where she studied and graduated from Nova Southeastern Universsity. She spent 15 years as a project manager, where she worked with large hospital health systems throughout the U.S. developing, executing and overseeing the rollout of implementation plans that resulted in maximizing sustainable processes that would in turn improve patient care. 

Jennifer has always had a passion for healthy eating. After the birth of her now two year old daughter, she took an interest in sustainable eating habits for infants and created Lizzy's Garden®. In the process of launching Lizzy's Garden®, Jennifer obtained her certification as a food safety manager and worked closely with some amazing pediatricians, scientist and nutritionist. Jennifer has developed wonderful recipes that your baby will enjoy.  

Our Mission

Lizzy's Garden® is committed to assisting parents in establishing nutritional values in infants and toddlers everywhere.