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See what other parents are saying about Lizzy's Garden® organic baby food!

"Z has taken very well to her first few introductions to foods! Thanks to Lizzy's Garden for making it easy for her!! I feel obligated to taste everything I give to my kids so I tasted the food (Carrots and apples) and it was really good! I can see why she is taking so well to them. We will most certainly be getting more!" - Savannah James (wife of Lebron James), Ohio

"We love Lizzy's Garden! The baby foods are delicious, wholesome and nutritionally exceptional.  Our daughter is 9 years old and is fed 100% via G-tube.  We are working on our daughter's feeding skills and they have enthusiastically embraced our situation.  We have been using Lizzy's Garden organic baby foods exclusively and our daughter loves the tastes and textures they give her. We feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful company who creates such lovely foods for our kids/babies." - Debbie and Nestor Serrano, California 

"Michael is not big on eating baby food, but he loved the Applelicious. He ate about half a jar and of course I tried it too and it was pretty good. Better then any other baby food we've tried!" - Alecia G., Kansas

"Lizzy's Garden saved my life during my busy filming weeks when I didn't have time to make my daughters food myself!" - Shanola Hampton, California

"My Victoria was a very picky eater and when I heard about Lizzy's Garden organic baby food, I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, she loved the food!!! Her favorite was the apple and pear sauce!! I also loved the food and would often find myself scraping the bottom of the jar. I found so much peace knowing my child was receiving the best organic baby food to date. I tell all of my new mom friends about Lizzy's Garden!!" - Waseme M., Maryland, DC

"The texture is amazing! Enjoyed the taste myself. I also like how I could use the glass jars to keep for arts & crafts for my kids. Will order some again." - Kirstin F., Florida

"The boys have happily gobbled the selections- carrot and sweet pea were the fave! So fresh and delicious." - Sherri Saum, California 

"My girls are great eaters, but I have never seen Jasmine love food like she loves Lizzy's Garden Organic Baby Food! I usually make my own food, but this baby fod is amazing! These pears are beyond incredible!!!" - Michelle B.,Boca Raton,  Florida

"I make all of my daughter's food myself because I am super focused on monitorng the quality of the things I allow in her body. I came across Lizzy's Garden and I promise you amazing is an understatement! Peyton was annoyed because I kept "tasting" her food.. it was good! Organic, homemade baby food flash frozen and delivered to your doorstep in 2 days! Life happens and sometimes time becomes an issue. Knowing that I can still get tasty, organic, non processed meals for my mini me is so awesome!" - Brittany Giles, Texas

"I feel like the store bought, organic baby foods I've found have been primarily fruit based. They might have a little vegetable in the blend but then it actually tastes like a fruit bomb. I don't want my son to only want the sweet foods and I don't want to have to cover up the vegetable taste with sweet either. Lizzy's Garden was a great compromise. It has a good mix of vegetables with a hint of sweet and it actually taste good. I always try my son's food and 99% of it I would never eat but I would totally eat Lizzy's Garden! " - Eryn, San Diego, CA